John Tesh

John Tesh
Monday - Saturday:  2pm to 7pm
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John Tesh brings you "Intelligence for Your Life" along with "Continuous LITE Rock" for your workday as the afternoon host on LITE 95.7.  With three gold albums and a career that includes six Emmys, two Grammy nominations, an Associated Press Award for investigative journalism, a Keyboard Magazine Award, several number one radio hits, three hit PBS specials and two tours as an Olympic announcer/composer, it's obvious that John Tesh has a passion for his work. In a remarkably successful career that now spans more than 25 years, music has always been John Tesh's main passion. In 1996, after 10 years as co-host of Entertainment Tonight, he surprised many by leaving the highly visible (and highly lucrative) position to pursue his career as a fulltime musician.

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